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In summer, when it is hot, linen is refreshing. In winter it warms. Flax has been used in folk medicine for a long time. This plant easily adjusts to sharp variations of temperature. Flax fibre is the best to absorb moisture, but linen doesn’t seem to be wet even if has absorbed moisture that comprises 20% of its mass. Linen is durable. It does not become yellowish in the course of years. Moreover, it is whiter and softer. Linen is an antistatic material, and it doesn’t attract dust. That’s why it is recommended to people who are sensitive to electric charge. Ancient medicine used anti-allergic qualities of flax as well as its impact on bacteria and fungus. Linen always delights by its strength, durability, and positive impact on human health.

Linen is an ecological waste less fabric, having no harmful impact on nature.


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